In 2010, Robyn Borruso visited an orphanage in South Africa. The children at the orphanage were more than just statistics; each had a unique story of pain and loss, and yet they approached life with a zeal that is rarely seen even in children that have all their day-to-day needs met.

Humbled and inspired by their warmth and affection, Robs decided to improve the lives of these lost children and established the Eniwe Children’s Fund, a not-for-profit organisation.

With a base in Sydney, Eniwe Children’s Fund has raised over $300,000, and is involved with community projects from Empangeni in rural Kwa Zula Natal to the Khayelitsha and Guglethu Township on the outskirts of Cape Town. As these projects have grown and expanded Robs and her team have seen exciting, tangible results through the work of Eniwe Children’s Fund, and has affirmed their belief in the ability to change lives.

Eniwe Children’s Fund has recently been given DGR [Deductible Gift Recipients] status by the ATO, which is in effect a green light to step up, do more and go big. That’s where Change Coffee fits into the picture. And this is where YOU... fit into the picture.

#ChangeCoffee is dedicated to raising funds for orphaned and vulnerable children in Sub-Saharan Africa.

1 x icon coffee cup will feed 15 children for a day

1 x icon coffee cup will feed 1 child for 15 days

25 x icon coffee cup will feed 1 child for a whole year

285 x icon coffee cup will build a new home for a Child-headed Household􏰀