"Donating the price of a cup of coffee can literally change the life of a child."



“Change a life for the price of an extra cup.”

“Jeez, I don’t want to be the only schmuck without a groovy Change Coffee cup.”

What is Change Coffee?

THE CHANGE COFFEE REVOLUTION happens every year on the first Friday in December and this year on the 2nd of December.

Just think ....for the price of a single cup of coffee - once a year - we can change the life of a child!

You don't have to just imagine it; you can help make it happen.

By simply donating on Change Coffee Day you will help fund on-the-ground programs for young children in Sub-Saharan Africa. This is a movement of reformed thinkers: coffee lovers will join forces on this day and make a fundamental change in the lives of children who have been orphaned or affected by AIDS.

This is Change Coffee. Put your addiction to good use. Big change is brewing...


Join millions of regular coffee drinkers and become awesome.

"Alleviating poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice. Food, water, shelter, hygiene, good health, getting an education and getting spoilt are the birthright of all children. Join millions of regular coffee drinkers and become awesome."

How does it all work?

It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s fun! Great coffee; a good cause.

First up: Café Owners – aka ‘Hotshots’. These thought leaders will carry the distinctive symbols and branding of #ChangeCoffee and will have a big, trendy, bright, happy, colourful cup that EVERYONE will want to pop their donations in.

Next up: Coffee Drinkers! You drink coffee... so you're already awesome. On Change Coffee day, check out our map of participating Cafe Hotshots, pick a cafe close to you, buy your regular daily dose AND donate the price of a single cup of coffee (okay, more if you want!). Then you'll be more than awesome; you'll be #ChangeCoffeeAwesome. 

Yes, of course that's an actual thing.

Step 1 Change Coffee
1. Cafés sign up to be participating Change Coffee Hotshots

2. Friday 2nd December 2016 Change Coffee Day!

3. Coffee Drinkers give generously and donate the price of a cup of coffee

4. Change Coffee Hotshots (cafés) send the money they raised

5. We fund on the ground projects to improve the lives of vulnerable and AIDS affected children

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Where does the money go?

#ChangeCoffee is dedicated to raising funds for orphaned and vulnerable children in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Just to give you some perspective here...

1 x icon coffee cup will feed 15 children for a day

1 x icon coffee cup will feed 1 child for 15 days

25 x icon coffee cup will feed 1 child for a whole year

285 x icon coffee cup will build a new home for a Child-headed Household􏰀

See the change? Now, you can be part of the change.

“Yeah mate, I really want to help, and hey, that’s not going to break the bank!”

Coffee Drinker

The world already favours you because you enjoy drinking awesomeness. Everyone else calls it coffee, but let's be honest; we know better than that. Each bean smells like heaven and when it's freshly roasted, delicately ground and the espresso is expertly extracted to perfection to raise that rich crema - even the world's greatest mysteries pale in comparison.

That's why we're the kind of people who can make a difference. Return the favour. Buy a #ChangeCoffee or donate online here.

Cafe Owner

Everyday you help hundreds of people deal with their problems. Whether they receive that boost they need, or simply savour the time to ponder and order their thoughts - by running your café, you're already helping people out. But here's a chance to reach even further; to make an even bigger impact in a simple, trendy way.

Sign up your cafe to be a Change Coffee Hotshot and be a part of the giving revolution!

We send you everything you need for the day, and it doesn't cost you anything! Did we mention it doesn't cost you a thing? 

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